Best Detox Cleanse

Although cocaine is psychologically addicting, it is still beneficial to remove all traces of it from your system.  This will allow your body to regain its strength and give you the best chance at dealing with mental cravings.  In addition, if you are just an occasional user and don’t have to worry about addiction, detox is a great way to get back to normal and have peace of mind that your system is flushed.

There are many great and effective detox products on the market and are available in temporary and permanent options.

  • Permanent

Permanent detox programs are designed to completely remove toxins from the system.  Most permanent products require a 7 day program or combine detox beverages with capsules for added effectiveness. Proper removal of impurities can enhance the immune system, improve overall energy, and offers numerous other health benefits.

  • Temporary

Temporary detox products flush out or mask toxins in your system for a short period of time.

Recommended Detox Products:

This 7 day permanent cleanse is designed to enhance health and wellbeing through detoxification of your system.


  • The Day Before the Cleanse: take all 4 capsules of the Jumpstart kit (optional) with 24oz. of water.  Wait 15 minutes and drink an additional 12-24oz.  Do not eat a large amount prior to taking these capsules or after you consume them. Urinate frequently and avoid using any toxic substances, such as drugs.
  • Each subsequent day, follow the AM/Pm regimen-detailed below.
  • AM Regimen:  take 4 capsules of morning solution on an empty stomach with 16oz. or more of water.  Wait 30 minutes and eat a balanced breakfast. Exercise later in the day for a minimum of 15 minutes and enjoy a healthy snack afterwards, along with 16oz of water.  Eat a well-balanced lunch with another 16oz of water.  Enjoy another nutritious snack, if desired, always with 16oz of water.
  • PM Regimen:  take 4 capsules of evening solution on an empty stomach with 16oz of water. Wait 30 minutes and eat a well-balanced dinner.  Exercise for 15 minutes.
  • Overall: Make sure to ingest 96oz of water each day throughout the course of the cleanse, exercise in moderation and do not take any additional vitamins or supplements.



This kit is designed for people with high levels of toxins in their system or for people who weigh over 200 pounds.   This kit comes with 84 capsules, which should be taken over 7 days.


  • In the morning, take 4 capsules with 24oz of water.
  • Repeat mid-day
  • Repeat before bedtime
  • Overall, make sure you have ingested 72 oz of water throughout the day and avoid fatty foods.  Exercise will help speed up the flushing of toxins from the system.  Repeat this regimen for all 7 days, while avoiding additional vitamins or supplements.